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8 Tips for Maximizing Space in the Kitchen

Even if you’re not working with a tiny kitchen, there always seems to be a need for more storage space. When it comes to the most-used area in your home, it might feel cramped and unorganized. You want to walk into your kitchen and see clear, shining countertops with hanging plants and natural light pouring inside. The kitchen is a gathering place and can be as beautiful as it is functional.

Wouldn't it be nice to always be able to find the things that you need, the moment you actually need them?. Like the ½ teaspoon measuring spoon that you swear was in this drawer the last time, you used it. Do you have enough room to build up food storage to have non-perishable items on-hand when you run out? What about cleaning supplies and holiday dishes that need a place for storing?

Let us help you find more storage space in the kitchen.

Here are our best 8 Tips:

The kitchen is where everything accumulates—bills, cleaning supplies, holiday décor, kids’ art pieces, etc. If you are stressed about finding extra space in your kitchen to store all odds and ends of the house, then take a look at some of these tips to get you started.

  1. Open Side of Cabinets: For the sides of cabinets that do not lay flush to a wall, utilize the space with hooks for large spoons, spatulas, pot lids, or dish rags. You can also place hooks to hang brooms and mops.

  2. Inside Cabinet Doors: Place hooks inside cabinet doors for measuring spoons and measuring cups. You can also hang small kitchen utensils like potato peelers, can openers, or cookie scoops.

  3. Extra Shelving on Top of Cabinets: For things that don’t get used that often, like vases, fancy china, or table décor, you can store them up high above the cabinets. Add shelving, and you can double your storage space.

  4. Hanging Organizer Over Pantry Door: A great way to organize your spices is to hang shelving over the door of your pantry. The shelving contains pockets to hold the spices as the doors open and shut, and it’s not too deep that it’s going to hit the shelves inside the pantry as the door closes. This is also a great space to store garbage bags and grocery bags.

  5. Tension Rods Inside Cleaning Cabinets: For the open cabinets underneath your sink that often hold cleaning supplies, you can hang a tension rod and hook the spray bottles from the rod to add layering. The bottles can hang from the top while the sponges and scrubbers are held in baskets underneath.

  6. Ceiling Storage for Pans: Don’t forget to utilize a ceiling rack for pans if needed. The ceiling space is a common area to store pans, and it adds a stylish touch to a modern kitchen.

  7. Open Walls for Shelving or Fold-Down Table: Open walls in a kitchen is prime real estate. You can use a fold-out table for two or add a whole storage cabinet with shelves, drawers, and counter space.

  8. Add Extra Shelves Inside Cabinets: If you are not piling dishes as high as the provided shelving spaces, then you can change it up. You can even add more shelves in between if needed. The shelves inside a cabinet are not permanent and are meant to be adjusted to your liking.

Some kitchen areas can be utilized to create more space to store more items and to keep your current supplies more organized and easy to find. By using these unique places, you aren’t filling the open space on kitchen counters. The kitchen can stay looking clean while also storing all of the things you need in that centralized place.

We are invested in keeping your home a sanctuary. If you have maxed out space in your kitchen and are ready to upgrade, then ask about the homes in your area that offer more room for your family to entertain and gather. Our experts are prepared to help with any real estate needs that you might have.

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