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Fall Checklist for Your Home

The weather is starting to cool down and fall decorations are popping up in the stores. As the seasons change, it is a great reminder for homeowners to consider any to-do items that need to be done so you can button down the house for the winter. A little bit of work right now can go a long way so you can enjoy the seasonal change and focus on quality time at home with your family through the colder months.

What’s on your fall checklist? Here are a few essential items that every homeowner should prioritize:

  1. HVAC Tune-up and Cleaning Even if you haven’t turned on the heater yet, make sure your HVAC system is prepared for the colder months. Change the filter, clean out the vents, and vacuum heating grates and baseboard heaters. It might be a good time to call an HVAC professional for service. These repair services tend to get busy when everyone starts heating their homes – so you can get ahead of the rush by scheduling a time right now for proactive maintenance.

  2. Check Smoke Alarms and Safety Tools When was the last time you changed the batteries on the smoke alarms? Use this seasonal change as a reminder that it’s time to check all the safety devices in your home:

    1. Switch out smoke alarm batteries if needed

    2. Test carbon monoxide detectors

    3. Look at the expiration dates on fire extinguishers

    4. Inspect outlets and cords for signs of frayed wires

    5. Baby proof cupboards if you have young children in the house

  3. Clean Up the Yard It’s time to winterize certain summer tools: put away the lawnmower, clear the hoses and wrap them up, and drain the sprinkler system. When the weather starts to get too cold to spend time on the patio, then you might cover the outdoor furniture or move these items into a storage shed. Walk through your yard to identify anything else that needs to be addressed. It might be a good time to trim back the bushes, finish any last-minute landscaping, rake leaves, and clean up the yard so it is ready for winter. Don’t forget to inspect the gutters and clear out any debris and gunk that could interfere with drainage.

  4. Seal Air Leaks Where do you have leaky areas in your home? You don’t want to feel the drafty air when the cold weather moves in. Check the doors and windows to find weak spots that might be transferring air from the outside. A bit of caulk can go a long way to seal the windows. Consider adding weatherstripping around the doors if needed. Not only do these simple to-do tasks block airflow on a chilly day, but sealing your home minimizes the leaks that are wasting energy – which saves you money in the long run. Also, sealing the windows and doors is an important step to prevent moisture from getting inside.

  5. Check the Roof Your roof is the first line of defense against rain, snow, and wind. Look at the shingles and overall appearance of the roof to identify any areas that need to be repaired or patched before freezing weather rolls in. Warning signs include missing shingles or areas that are visibly damaged with cracking, buckling, or loose pieces. It’s often worth the expense to call a professional roofer for a quick inspection. This evaluation can save you thousands of dollars in the future if small issues are addressed before they turn into bigger problems.

Setting a Home Maintenance Schedule

Your home is a significant investment, which is why it is essential that you are proactive in caring for your property. Seasonal changes are a great reminder to set aside time for your home maintenance checklist, ensuring that your family is safe and comfortable all year long.

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