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Improve Your Curb Appeal

When selling a home, curb appeal important. Many potential buyers decide on buying a home based on the outside of the house. They can picture themselves in a place that is well-maintained and inviting. Maybe there is a rocking chair on the front porch that they can imagine spending many evenings sipping tea and waving hi to neighbors as they pass by. Flowers and decorative shutters can paint a picture of a happy home.

If you are having trouble maintaining the exterior of your home to match the welcoming vibe on the inside, you may want to look into some easy ways to improve your curb appeal to be more inviting.

Ideas and Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Decorating the outside of your home doesn’t come as naturally as interior design for some homeowners. Here are some ways you can spruce up the exterior of your home to make it a showstopper from the moment someone approaches your front curb.

  1. Pretend You Are a Potential Buyer: Walk around your home and take a look at it from a new perspective. You may notice loose siding or a crooked shutter. Are your windows shiny? Do you have a flower bed that needs reviving?

  2. Inspect the Roof: The roof is a deciding factor for many potential buyers. It is hard to buy a home with a potentially high cost looming over their heads. Does your roof look to be in good shape?

  3. Clearly Display House Numbers: Wipe down your number display or choose a new display that will show off your address more prominently.

  4. Pressure-Wash the Driveway and Deck: A little elbow grease and power washing can go a long way. Your dingy driveway and siding will glow like it’s good as new in no time.

  5. Fix Cracks in Concrete and Dingy Light Fixtures: Look for cobwebs, dingy fixtures, and wear and tear on your driveway and doorstep. Seal up any cracks and wash out or replace the light fixtures.

  6. Add Pops of Color: Plants, flowers, pillows on a patio chair, a colorful welcome mat, or a wreath can really display your design esthetic. It can be challenging to find ways to decorate your front yard but these simple additions will do just the trick.

  7. Paint the Door and Trim: Paint is not that expensive and can make your front step look sharp and tidy when you repaint the trim and paint your door. Your home will stand out as unique and refreshing with new paint details.

  8. Light Up the Home and Landscaping: Add lighting around your walkway and landscaping to highlight your home’s exterior strengths in the evening hours. A well-lit house is not only helpful to those looking for your address in the dark, but it is also elegant and peaceful.

As you look closely at the exterior of your home, you will be able to find the areas that need the most work. Whether or not you are selling your home, the outside serves as the first impression for those who arrive at your house. Try to make it the best it can be!

In Summary

Potential buyers will be drawn to your house by the very first picture they see on the listing – the front exterior of your home. It is just as important to put time and money into the curb appeal as it is to clean, fix up, and decorate the inside of your home. Give your home the first impression it deserves.

If you are considering selling your home or buying a new one, let us know!

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