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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Busy Homeowner

Spring is a time when the clouds part, the gloomy days fade, and the sun shines through your windows each morning and afternoon. There is nothing better than watching the sunbeams glimmer through the spotless glass onto clean countertops and dustless baseboards. If the natural light highlights your space and represents new beginnings, there is no better way to start than with a clean home.

Spring cleaning is a great way to increase your property value. Whether your staying put or considering a move, spring is a great time to get your home in order. Spring is also a time of year when home buyers are on the hunt for a new home. Deep cleaning your whole home can feel overwhelming whatever the motivation may be. Here are some tips that will make it seem more manageable and save you time.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Where to Start

Take a look at this list and get motivated for spring cleaning! There is nothing better for a potential homebuyer than walking into a clean, organized space.

Break It Up into 10-Minute Chunks: There are so many things that can get done in 10-minutes. If you are waiting for a free Saturday to clean, that may never come up. Think of what you could get done right now in 10-minutes: you could take a damp rag to all your baseboards. You could dust the fans and light fixtures. You could clean out a dresser and donate unused clothing.

Make a Master Plan: Make a list of all rooms in the house. And if you are really motivated by a checklist, list each drawer and cabinet that needs organizing. Checking each box and watching yourself fly through the list will help you to stay motivated.

One Room at a Time: Instead of looking at the house as a whole, take it one room at a time. If you start with the bedrooms, list the closet, the dresser, the bathroom, the sheets, the furniture, the floors. Before you know it, one room will be done, and you’ll be ready to go on to the next.

Swipe Clutter into a Bin and Sort: Sometimes, it’s easier to organize and sort when everything is in one big pile. If you fill a bin with all the items in a junk drawer, desktop, or counter, then you can take the container and sort it in front of your favorite show or while you listen to an audiobook.

De-Clutter and Deep Clean Year-Round: Don’t limit yourself to organizing and deep-cleaning in the Spring. You can work on these projects throughout the year. As you see a need, write it down and keep an ongoing to-do list. When you feel overwhelmed, remember that 10-minute chunks can go a long way. Schedule organization time into your calendar, and pair it with an existing habit. Maybe you can organize a cupboard or closet each day while you’re cooling down from your exercise.

There are so many ways that you can transform spring cleaning into a game for you and your family. When you plan and make it part of your routine, the process can be less overwhelming. With these tips, you can find the motivation to get started and picture the satisfaction you will feel when it’s all over. Your reward will be to enjoy your clean home every day and be proud of your hard work.

In Summary

Find little habits for yourself that will turn Spring cleaning from a looming project into an easy-to-tackle venture for the whole family. Take pride in your work and what you can do to turn your home into a stress-free escape. You can relax and read a good book when you’re not eyeing a countertop that is nagging at you to be organized. For all the time you spend in your home, make it a retreat where you can feel peace or show a potential buyer how peaceful it can be.

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