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The Charms of Country Living

Have you hopped on the home remodeling bandwagon, installing sliding farmhouse doors, using watering pots for décor, and adding board and batten along the walls? Many people want to create a space that captures the charm of a country home no matter where they live but maybe you are thinking of doing more than remodeling your home, perhaps you're considering making a move and settling into country living. If so, we don't blame you! Country living is very desirable. If you are on the fence about making the move, maybe we can get you to jump on over to the countryside.

We Love Country Living

If you are looking to live in a small town out in the country, first and foremost you have to pick the right town. You'll be surrounded by a new community where you'll get to know the people in the town, where friends can quickly become family. Choosing a town where you connect with the people is important.

A few of our favorite things we love about country living:

Wide Open Spaces: If you never had to sit through an hour’s worth of traffic again, it would be a good life. When you live out in the country, there isn’t much traffic. In some cases, there is hardly a traffic light.

Fresh Air & Wildlife: You’ll find lower pollution levels in the country mostly because there is generally less traffic which will make breathing easier. Your well-being will thank you too as being surrounded by nature and wildlife is wonderful for you. With an abundance of wildlife, from birds to deer you can wake up to the beautiful sound of birds singing and deer parading as you enjoy your morning cup of joe.

One-of-a-Kind Shops and Eats: If you have to grab a gift for a friend in the city, you can always count on finding something unique in a small town shop. There are restaurants in town that serve delicious family recipes that can’t be found online. Take advantage of these one-of-a-kind finds in a small country town.

Tight-Knit Community: Try to see if you can walk down the street without running into an old friend, your child’s teacher, or the town grandma who lives across the way. Teachers will know your family. Fellow parents will vouch for your children, and the mailman won’t misdeliver packages when he knows everyone by name.

Picturesque Views: The best part about living in the country is taking in views that are free of honking horns, flashing lights, and telephone wires. You can find a home that is nestled among the trees or on a rolling field with a pond.

Buying a Home Out in the Country

With more people working from home, you have the flexibility to live anywhere you want. What freedom! Purchase a second home in the country where you can relax on the weekends or make a permanent move and relax all week long.

You no longer have to daydream or try to fabricate your country home without all of the benefits. Instead, create your ideal house out in the country and embrace small-town living. Imagine walking out your front door where the birds greet you and the wildflowers sway along the winding driveway. What are you waiting for? You can make your country living dreams come true by investing in a country home today.

At Blondin Real Estate we are all about small-town and country living.

Contact us! We'd love to help you find your new home out in the country, maybe even in New Melle!

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