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What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Staging

Most homeowners have heard the term “home staging” at some point, but they don’t understand what this service is and how it works. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your home, or your real estate agent has suggested that you hire a stager, it might be time to learn how these services can have a positive impact on your property. Here are answers to some of the most common questions in the home staging industry:

living room home staging
Photo by: Kara Eades

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is more than selecting furniture and décor for a home. This process is done by an experienced interior decorator who understands the most effective ways to create an experience in each room. When staging is done right, it sells a lifestyle: either for the current homeowners or for potential home buyers.

Do I need Staging?

There are two times when homeowners might consider the benefits of hiring a professional staging company:

  1. Preparing to Sell: If you are getting ready to put your property on the real estate market, then hiring a stager can be a great investment. These services are designed to improve the overall impression of your home, helping you connect with other people who are interested in buying the property.

  2. Improve Your Lifestyle: Sometimes it makes sense to hire a home stager if you are ready to upgrade the comfort and lifestyle for yourself and your family. These staging services are focused on improving your current interior décor and helping you create an optimal home based on your personality and needs.

How Does the Staging Process Work?

When a staging company is hired, the experts will come to your home to complete a full evaluation. This process involves removing items that are distracting to the overall design theme, as well as bringing in furniture or details that make the home picture-perfect.

Sometimes staging is as simple as reorganizing or reducing clutter. Other times, the plan is more in-depth and involves bringing in temporary furniture and décor.

What’s the Importance of Staging?

First impressions matter in the real estate industry. It is essential that you give buyers a neutral space where they can envision their own family living in the home.

One important element is in neutralizing the distractions of personal items, so potential buyers will look at the features of the home instead. The goal is to make your home appealing to the largest audience possible.

Benefits of Good Staging

Potential benefits include:

  • Higher selling price

  • Make your home stand out in the market

  • Maximize the space in each room

  • Make the house seem larger

  • Sell your home faster

  • Set a good first impression

  • Create a home that is move-in ready

What to Look for in a Staging Company

It is essential that you choose a staging company with plenty of experience in the industry. Look at pictures of other homes they have staged to see if their style matches your preferences. Ask about the results and expected outcomes of these staging services. You might also consider asking for referrals so you can learn more about the experiences other customers had with the staging company.

Is Staging Worth the Cost?

The overall cost of staging varies depending on the size of your home and the specific work that needs to be done. The best solution is to schedule a consultation with a stager to learn about specific recommendations for your home.

Even though you will spend money on staging services, a good staging company makes it easy to boost the price point of your home. You can recover your investment and even have extra to spare because of the high offers that come in from interested buyers.

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