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5 Home Organization Tips that Are Easy to Implement

Not every home is perfectly organized and decorated at every moment of the day. Give yourself permission to live in your house and enjoy it. You can implement simple organizational tasks into your routine so decluttering doesn't seem like such a monumental venture.

Check Out These 5 Home Organization Tips

Forget about extensive, hours-long organization overhauls. Nobody has time for that. Instead, give yourself grace as you tackle your home organization efforts. Before long, you will notice that it is a part of your daily routine.

1. Get Rid of Stuff Regularly

Keep a donation box in your bedroom and fill it up each week. When you buy a new item, get rid of an item in your home. If your kids stop playing with toys, make it a joyous tradition to pass them along to other kids who would love to play with them.

You can donate to your local charity organization or post items in your local groups on Facebook. If you have valuable items that are hard to let go of for free, list them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You do not have to get the full value of your used item. Appreciate the time that you used it and price it fairly to pass it on for someone else’s enjoyment.

2. Gather Organization Items

When you organize, you place everything in its proper place in your home. Sometimes, you have to create these spaces before you can sort everything into the right place. First, create a plan of what you need. Do you need a drawer organizer for your junk drawer? Do you need shelves for the storage area under your stairs? Do you need bins in your linen closet?

Once you’ve created the plan and taken measurements, you can purchase the things that will help you stay organized. Other examples include clear bins for the storage room, baskets for blankets or shoes, and a filing system for school papers.

3. Before You Buy Something New, Have a Plan on Where to Keep It

If you are shopping for a child’s birthday, think of where you might keep the new toys in your home. It’s easy to go overboard and buy a basketball hoop, a rocking chair, and a slide for a child. Do you have room to store all of these items in your home? Perhaps to save space it is best to choose just one bulk item.

Another space taker is food appliances. You may want an air fryer, a panini maker, and an electric mixer but all of these gadgets can take up a lot of space in a kitchen with limited storage. Make a priority for the items that will get the most use.

4. Watch Out for Unhelpful Self-Talk

As you learn to declutter regularly, watch how you talk yourself into keeping things. You may be stuck on what you paid for the item, wondering if you may ever have a use for it, or clinging to a gift that you know you’ll never use.

Instead, ask yourself if you’d search your house for old picture frames or if you’d go out and buy new styles. Would you wear a dress from 7 years ago if the right occasion comes up, or would you jump at the opportunity to buy a new item of clothing?

5. Declutter for 5 Minutes Each Night

At the end of each day, set the alarm for 5 minutes and see what you can achieve. You do not have to dedicate a large part of your life to organizing. Instead, when you practice consistency, you will see that your life is more organized than it’s ever been before.

When you take these organizational tips and make them a part of your regular life, you will find that everything has a place in your home. You don’t have to spend the next 5 Saturdays decluttering your basement after implementing these habits into your routine.

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