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7 Tips to Maximize Bathroom Space

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Have you ever walked into a guest bathroom to find a cabinet over the toilet, built-in shelving on the other wall, and beautiful flower and color accents placed here and there to maximize the room? Think about how that bathroom contrasts a guest bath that has the extra toilet paper balancing on the back of the toilet and a large, empty wall at which to stare. Even though a bathroom can be the smallest room in your home, you can still find ways to make the space useful and beautiful.

Making your bathroom décor a priority will add to your home’s beauty. The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home. When you add shelving and cabinets to make the space more dynamic, you also solve storage issues common in bathrooms.

7 Bathroom Tips that Maximize Storage Space

Take a look at your existing bathroom. Is there an empty wall that could use a linen cabinet? What about the space above your toilet - could you benefit by adding an over-the-toilet cabinet to hold toilet paper and handsoap?

Here are 7 tips to liven up your bathroom and use the space efficiently:

  1. Use Light Colors: Whites and creams will brighten up the space and make the room look bigger. You can use hand towels and flowers to add pops of color to the room and make it more exciting.

  2. Open Up Floor Space: A pedestal sink will show more floor space and make the room appear larger. The more floor space you have, the more room you have to play with fun tile designs to add to the bathroom décor.

  3. Use Clear Glass Doors on the Shower: A clear glass door will lengthen the walls of your bathroom instead of cutting it off at the start of the shower. Shiny, glass doors add elegance to a master bathroom and show off the tile work on the inside.

  4. Add Storage Above Sink and Toilet: If you sacrificed storage by choosing a pedestal sink, then you can add storage behind the mirror at the vanity or over the toilet. These up-high storage additions will not take up the limited space on the floor of the bathroom.

  5. Welcome in Natural Light: Many people have a shower curtain or blinds covering up their window, blocking the natural light. Open up the curtains and blinds each day to let the light pour in and open up the room.

  6. Add a Linen Cabinet: If you do have ample space in your bathroom and would like to utilize that space, then add a linen cabinet. You can choose a modern style that is decorative and practical. When you add a linen cabinet to your bathroom, you can use the hallway linen closet for food storage, luggage, or family games.

  7. Choose Lighting that Mimics Natural Light: If you have limited windows in your bathroom, choose a light fixture that shines as bright as natural light. A large, modern light fixture can be a focal point of the bathroom while serving functional purposes as well. Everyone desires to get ready for the day in a fully-lit space.

As you make plans to decorate your bathroom, think of ways that you can maximize the space. If your bathroom is small, use light colors, avoid floor storage, and maximize the natural light. If your bathroom is large, add a linen cabinet and toiletry baskets. Decorate your bathroom to be as welcoming as any other space in your home. You can always ask a professional for their advice in order to avoid second-guessing your décor decisions.

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