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5 Things to Know Before Renovating a Home

After watching many home renovations on TV, you may decide that a kitchen or bathroom remodel looks easy enough. When you start in on the demolition and see how tedious it is to remove the debris, you may realize that everything isn’t as breezy as it looks on these reality shows. A home renovation project can be more complicated than it seems.

There are a few things that you need to prepare before starting a home renovation project.

  1. Set a realistic budget: If you want to have a successful home renovation project, the first step is to look at the prices of materials and labor, junk removal, and electrical or plumbing that needs to be done. Be sure to add a chunk of money for mistakes or setbacks that may happen along the way.

  2. Prioritize your luxury nonnegotiables: Maybe, you are renovating your kitchen and want granite countertops. Or, you have a bathroom project to tackle and would love a deep, modern soaking tub. Place these pricey items at the top of your #budget so that the high-priced upgrade isn’t something that you are trying to squeeze in at the end.

  3. Work with the structure that’s already in place (walls, pipes, and outlets): If you have a budget that you would like to keep relatively low, try to work with the layout that you already have. Replace the tub and shower with modern styles, but keep them where they already are in the bathroom. Rerouting pipes or electricity will add to the cost. If you are looking to remove a wall to open up space, weigh the cost against how much it will benefit your final result.

  4. Be flexible with the timeline and prepare for delays: It is essential to go into a construction project knowing that you will live uncomfortably through the process. Dust, noise, and a possible uprooting from your kitchen will lead to temporary discomforts. Those discomforts can be magnified if the project extends past the estimated timeline. If you plan for the delays, these inconveniences can feel more manageable.

  5. Decide what you can do yourself and research the company you hire: Realistically plan for the parts of the project you can do yourself and then hire out for the more complicated aspects. Again, even something like demolition and junk removal can seem easy enough but carefully consider the logistics. Working nights and weekends and renting a truck or dumpster can add more stress to the project. When it comes to hiring a company for granite counter installation or electrical work, look at the reviews, and ask for referrals. Get the pulse on the company’s reputation in the industry.

Stay Positive

During the pandemic, home renovation projects are more popular than ever as people are spending more time in their homes. There will be setbacks and frustrations along the way, but it is essential to stay positive and focus on the outcome. You will never regret investing in your home. Have patience through the process and work with a trusted team that will eliminate unneeded stress.

Renovations Return on Investment

Of course, you will be able to reap the benefits of any home renovation project while living in your home. Maybe you want to finish the basement to add a home office. Or you want to break down a wall in the kitchen to open up the space to more people bustling about during the day. Indeed, you will get to enjoy the upgrades that you make. But a bonus is that the renovations will give you a substantial return when you sell your home. Upgrading your home and making it more modern will make it stand out when it comes time to sell.

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