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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A home buzzing with people can get busy and chaotic. Lights are left on, fans are blowing in empty rooms, your washing machine and dishwasher running day and night to keep up. There are minor changes can you make in your home to lower the amount of energy you use. Take a look at these eco-friendly tips that are not only good for the environment but beneficial for your monthly energy bill as well.

7 Tips for Home Efficiency

Turning off lights and unplugging appliances when you are done using them are not the only energy-saving tips for a home. High-efficiency appliances and light bulbs can be beneficial for the environment by keeping energy output to a minimum. You can also change your habits to save energy in your home:

  1. Replace Your Filters: If your filters are filled with dust and grime, adequate air is not getting out through them to cool your home. If the air is getting out, it’s blowing around old dust particles so it's important to replace your filters regularly to keep your HVAC system operating at a quality level.

  2. Close the Blinds During Hot Months: You can see where the sun is beating through the windows in the summer months. Keep those windows covered during peak hours. Most of the time, you can still have a good amount of natural light flowing through the closed blinds to light the house, but still, keep the heat out.

  3. Maximize the Use of Natural Light: If you have big windows with indirect light flowing through, utilize that light instead of turning on lights inside your home. Make an effort to break habits of turning on lights when you enter a room if there is enough light entering from the outside.

  4. Use Automatic Timers on Outside Lights: Outside lights are necessary to light the driveway for those coming up your sidewalk or driveway. They are also helpful to prevent thieves from lurking outside your doors and windows. Program automatic timers on the lights so that you don’t waste energy by forgetting to turn them off when the sun rises.

  5. Turn on the Ceiling Fan: Every degree on your thermostat counts. Avoid turning down the temperature on your thermostat in the summer, and utilize your ceiling fans instead. Often, circulating the air will be enough to cool you down.

  6. Install an Updated Thermostat that You Can Program: Many programmable thermostats on the market allow you to set up schedules according to the temperature during sleeping hours, the heat of the day, evenings, and times the house is empty. This schedule can save you money on your energy bill.

  7. Dress for the Weather: If it is hot, dress light, in shorts and a t-shirt. Wearing the appropriate clothing will help keep the house at a reasonable temperature rather than working your HVAC system on overdrive.

Every small change makes a difference in improving the energy efficiency in your home. You can create these changes by implementing them one by one. The savings can be significant when you focus on your home's efficiency and you will feel better knowing you are doing your part to save energy and money.

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