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Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Working from home can feel drab and monotonous after months and months of arriving at the same place with no co-workers to chat with or people to watch. If your office was once a temporary situation, a small corner in the guest room, or a spot on the kitchen table, it’s time to make meaningful changes now that remote work is here to stay.

Forget about the guest room that is kept empty for the occasional visitor. Instead, utilize the rooms in your home daily, keeping the guest room as an afterthought in the room’s décor.

Think of all the days you have walked into a plain, makeshift office, and get ready to make it come alive so that you feel excited during your morning “commute” to your home office.

You don’t have to break the bank to makeover your office. Small changes will make a big difference.

Follow These 9 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home Office

  1. Use Shelves: You can decorate the wall with shelves if you are working with limited space. Add a few succulents, some family pictures, books, a spot for your pens and supplies, and more. Shelves will expand your storage and decorating space.

  2. Paint or Add Wall Paper: Geometric and patterned wallpaper is all the rage right now. First, find a design that makes you happy, whether it be black and white or vibrant colors. Then choose a wall in your home office to rehab with your new wallpaper.

  3. Be Intentional About Your View: If your desk faces a dark, blank wall in your office, it’s time to change that. Instead, look toward the window with a view. Not only will you get to decrease eye strain and look far in the distance during breaks, but you’ll also have natural light brightening your face during virtual meetings.

  4. Distance Your Office from the Hustle and Bustle: Strategically place your office in an area of your home that is free from distractions. The kitchen will not do. Instead, find a place where you can escape and get your work done efficiently without interruptions.

  5. Adorn Your Desk with What Inspires You: What keeps you creative and working hard each day? For example, you may pin up an article about a successful small business that inspires you. Or maybe put up pictures of your family. You can even post dream vacation photos as a goal to work toward visiting one day.

  6. Invest in a Comfortable Chair: Put comfort first. Find a chair that promotes good posture with lower back support. Your body will thank you.

  7. Add a Plant: Let’s be honest; everyone wishes their office could be outside in the shade with a perfect breeze. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, so bring a piece of outdoors into your office. Choose a large-leafed plant that will bring oxygen and visual dynamics indoors.

  8. Make the Room Well-Lit: Protect your eyes from eye strain by choosing a desk lamp or a new light fixture that brightens up the room. You don’t want to be squinting or poorly lit during your virtual meetings, either.

  9. Organize Cords: Some desks can include several screens, a keyboard, a printer, and chargers. All of those cords can get messy and look unsightly. Instead, tie the cords together and streamline them into an organized bunch.

Your home office is where you spend the majority of your time during the day. You don’t have to settle for a make-do office. You can create your happy place but spruce it up a bit. Think about what makes you happy in life. Forget about if it’s trendy or if anyone else will like it. Make your home office a place just for you.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when it comes to decorating your home. A professional consultant will always help you think of ideas that you may not have considered.

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